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A Journey with Essential oils

Naomi Sheneberger, founder of Rock Rose: 

My Story:

Have you ever taken a closer look at yourself in the mirror and wondered what God would see?Yes as Beauty Therapist we take care of everyone else and often neglect ourselves. We immerse ourselves into our daily work without stopping to catch a breath and notice how valuable we are. Many clients off load their burdens and share their deepest secrets whilst relaxing in the loving care of your hands. I would like to share how I began to recognize the importance of my profession and the value I discovered within my hands. The truth lies in the understanding of what is written in the bible and the message behind "laying on of hands".

I have experienced God's release of truth over and over again, through the power of anointing and therefore invite you to join me in spreading the passion for living life purposefully.
All ingredients have been carefully sourced to ensure a high standard and quality. I prayerfully blend the oils and each recipe has a unique function and purpose. We have our first addition of Biblical Oils featured in the Joy Magazine of August and will continue to feature a different oil, to help you with your understanding as well as help advertise for those salons interesting in stocking our product.
I will be having a training day on September.......................

My aim is to help you to discern what oils will best suit your client through the Holy Spirits leading. As you familiarize yourselves with each anointing oil and their properties as well as their prophetic intention, your day to day experiences with each client will become life changing.

If you are interested in having further training on how God can open the doors for ministry within your clinic framework, please email me at, so I can put you onto my training list.
I invite you to take a look at my website: Please ignore current prices on the web site and refer to the prices on this email, because I have revised all my prices to best suit the structure for salons/ distributors.